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Cyberpunk Ragnarök in visual novel form! Play as two Norse gods reincarnated as humans on the eve of the apocalypse. Old magic, government conspiracies, and many choices—both for your relationships and for the fate of the world!

Gods of the Twilight is a multi-season episodic visual novel that places you in a dystopian near-future where old magic is reemerging. Play as two protagonists and decide how to handle the supernatural and human organizations that each have their own plans for you, while ancient truths about you and your companions start to resurface.

Intended for audiences 17+ due to language, violence, and sexual themes.

  • Fully voiced dialog!
  • Your choices determine the protagonists' relationships with their companions, and with each other.
  • A range of endings is possible, for your characters and for the world.
  • Choose which romances each protagonist will pursue, or choose none at all!
  • An episodic story released over time, where choices carry over between chapters and seasons.
  • At least 3 seasons, with over 95,000 words currently drafted for the first season.

Both player characters have romance options of multiple genders, including each other! But the romance arcs are completely optional, and you can enjoy the game’s core story and all endings even if you opt to romance no one.

Althea Mishra - A scholarly but sheltered daughter of two high-achieving parents, she’s an intellectual who nonetheless loves dirty jokes.

Farkas Hekluson - Under the hardened exterior of a guy who survived rough streets growing up, he’s a scarred introvert deeply protective of those he cares about.

Sara Grímsdóttir - Sensitivity and strength combined, this mostly soft-spoken girl is just as full of bravery as she is compassion for anyone she encounters.

Hektor Koskinen - A shameless dork, he’s involuntarily wealthy thanks to his CEO father, but nonetheless straightforward and honest to a fault.

Lieutenant Cebisa Komani - A duty-driven Icelandic special forces police officer, she’s now an operative for the highly classified international operation dealing with recent supernatural occurrences.

Mikael Pulkkinen - Hector’s valet, who has become more like an older brother to him through the years they’ve spent together. Easily sees through bullshit and has zero tolerance for it.

Jóhannes Stefánsson - A personal assistant to Althea's parents, he likes to keep things strictly professional and not reveal much about himself, but the recent strange occurrences will test the limits of this mask.

...and more as the story unfolds!

OS: Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.10, or Linux x86/x86_64

Storage: 409 MB available space

RAM: 128 MB

Processor: 1.7 GHz

Graphics: OpenGL 2, DirectX 9, or OpenGL ES 2 compatible card. Or integrated chipset (no dedicated graphics card required).


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Very good yes


I find the demo is pretty intriguing, Farkas somehow reminds me of my MC lol. When will the final game released and at what price?

Thanks! The game is episodic, so we're aiming to have the first volume out in late 2021, but there'll be a (free) extended demo before that, hopefully in the next couple months! Final price depends a bit on how we work out things like "pay per episode" versus "season pass" in collaboration with any publisher we end up working with.

I take a look of the script inside the game folder and dissappointed that I can't cheat by knowing the story in advance 😂 anyway good luck with the VN!

Yeah, gotta keep at least *some* secrets :P Thanks again!

yoo good luck!

There is some similar vibe to my visual novel, ALLBLACK, if you look at my profile. Do check it out if you're interested

I'll check it out! Thanks again for reaching out!

Love the demo and looking forward to the full release! Already added to my wishlist. :)

Thank you! I'm very happy to hear it! We're planning an extended free demo before the full release so keep your eyes open for that too! 

I just finished the demo, this looks interesting so far! When the full game is released, I think I'll have Farkas romance Sara, and Althea romance Cebisa, as I like Sara and Cebisa's characters so far.

Glad to hear it! Keep your eyes out for an extended demo coming up in the meantime as well.


Interesting Visual Novel concept, I really enjoyed the world building that really makes you feel like you are in this devastated yet futuristic world, my only "but" would be that it takes too long to take off, I understand this is a long work but making the beginning dynamic in future works may be good.

Regardless, from what I played on the video (And a few hours off screen) I can say this is a good, enjoyable and interesting VN that becomes more and more interesting as you advance trough the story and everyone that reads this should give it a try.

Thank you very much for playing our game, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the story and the world building! 

Played your game and the art style, music and story come together nicely. I’ll be finishing it off record to see what happens next. Good job. 

Thank you very much, I'm very happy you've enjoyed our game!

You’re welcome, you did a good job.